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Empower your family's safety with Family Logger for WhatsApp. Real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and visualized insights for ultimate peace of mind.!
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Feature Highlights

Charted Activity Logs

Visualize family members' online patterns through interactive charts. Identify irregular activities easily, empowering you to make informed decisions and maintain a secure digital environment for everyone.

Real-Time Tracking

Track family members instantly with mobile numbers, ensuring their safety through accurate, real-time monitoring. Stay connected and informed about their online activities effortlessly.

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate alerts about family members' activities, enhancing safety measures. Stay proactive with instant notifications, ensuring timely responses to online interactions and ensuring their well-being.

Parental Control

Empower parents with comprehensive control features, allowing them to set boundaries and monitor their children's online activities effectively. Ensure a safe digital environment by managing access and receiving instant notifications for peace of mind.

Detailed Reports

Access daily, weekly, and monthly reports for comprehensive insights into your family's online behavior. Stay informed about their activities, ensuring a secure digital environment for everyone.

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